We monitor devices, not people.

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What you’ll get



Read-Only issue detection allows you to install the client, and that’s it.


The Watchman Monitoring Client gathers the information it needs to report on and stops until the next check-in; no additional modifications or intrusions to the device. No writing to the disk, and no constant running. 


We monitor devices, not people or their activities. Our client tells you how sea-worthy your computers are!



The Watchman Monitoring Client has installers that can build on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

You can use the same tool for all managed devices in your envoy; no need to switch tools for different platforms.


Don’t get caught between the devil and the deep blue sea! Watchman Monitoring Client allows you to tend to your fleet from a single vantage point. 

Full Support

Full Support

We offer you, the IT Professional, all the support you need to make the most of your subscription.


We maintain a robust help center and community forum, and direct support is only an email, chat, or call away — whatever works best for you! 


We draw the line at telling you how to navigate the course to fix issues. That’s where your experience and knowledge come in, and why we don’t sell directly to end users.

Top Features


The Monitoring Client can give you a head’s up on storms brewing on your devices’ horizon.

Our proactive Monitoring reports allow you to know when troubles are ahead, and assist your clients to safer waters before before you have a man overboard!



The Dashboard gives you a visual handle on your users’ devices and maintains look-out to help keep unforeseen failures at bay.

Customizable reports can be generated from the Dashboard’s information to assess and make technical recommendations to get repairs underway.



Our Contact Menu sits on every machine’s taskbar, ready to send out the SOS in one click.

You chart the course of how they reach you — ticketing systems, direct messaging, remote support, or website!


Their Words

You could be onsite with your clients everyday and still miss something that Watchman Monitoring will pick up on. For the backup monitoring alone, it’s worth the price.

Not only is my job easier with Watchman Monitoring, but it makes me look more professional when they call and I can immediately pull up their computer details.

We would not be as successful as we are today if it wasn’t for Watchman Monitoring: it’s part of our sales pitch; it’s the first thing we install and is the linchpin of our IT Consulting offerings.

Watchman Monitoring helps me find quick wins to show value to my clients. I have the added efficiency of going to one portal and getting information on all the computers I monitor.

Many MSPs use Watchman Monitoring as a basic part of their tool stack. It is so useful. One of my favourite things is that the Watchman agent automatically sends you lovely emails for any software getting ready to expire; we use it for BackBlaze, CrashPlan, and Kerio Connect. Watchman also has capabilities to do this for domain registrations and SSL certificates.

Foojee could not deliver our level of service without Watchman Monitoring. No other solution gives our clients this much value, costing so little, and is this easy to manage.

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